If you’re leasing, then you know that many rental properties often come with tired, outdated kitchens. Being the central entertainment area of the home, this can impact the feel of the whole property. Luckily, with a few simple tricks, you can switch your rental property kitchen from shabby to brand new.

Let There Be Light

Lighting is a key component to creating the right vibe in any room, and the kitchen is no exception. Making your space light and bright can do wonders to uplift even the drabbest of decors. Making sure windows and doors allow as much filtered sunlight into the room as possible is a must. We know that natural light can be hard to come by in smaller rental properties – particularly apartments, so we would recommend looking at some renter-friendly lighting options, such as under cabinet LED lights, to brighten up the room.

Get Green

Adding potted plants to any space can foster a feel-good vibe and draw the eye away from that pesky floral feature tile running through your splashback. For the green thumb who can cook up a storm, a mini herb garden or some simple potted veggies to dot around your bench space can double as your own personal fresh produce supply.

Change the Changeable

Many renters miss great opportunities to reno their kitchen by failing to make the most of those elements in the space that are able to be changed. Don’t be afraid to take down that frill lace window dressing and store it safely, swapping it for something more your style.

Whilst not entirely changeable, many people think they are stuck with the tiles in their rental property kitchen, but with tile stickers, a temporary facelift to the splash back is definitely doable.

Hang Some Colour

Many rental properties have existing hooks in the walls that you can take advantage of to hang some bright art. This will create some unity in the space – especially if you add in some complementing ornamental pieces around the worktops or dining table. Art can shift the focal point, and make those tired bench tops disappear into the background of your now vibrant kitchen.

Artistic Appliances

There are many items on display in a kitchen which double as both a practical piece of cooking equipment, and an ornamental item on the benchtop. Your kettle and toaster, for example, can make for beautiful statement pieces that can be used in conjunction with your artworks and other decor to tie in a colour theme and style for the area. This tip doesn’t just go for kitchens either, statement pieces that double as practical items can be a brilliant way to add colour to your rental bathroom and laundry too.

The best part about all of these tips is that not only are they rental friendly, they are transportable – so no matter where you move next, you have the tools to spruce up that space too!

If you’d like some inspiration for kitchen spaces, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!