A toilet isn’t something you can compromise on - you’ve got to have one. While it isn’t something you’ll have to replace all the time, sometimes there’s a need to get a new one. With so many options, maybe you’re having trouble finding the right fit for your bathroom. Just like you call East Coast Cabinets for your bathroom cabinets in Coffs Harbour, we can also give you some advice for finding the right toilet to create a great bathroom.

Look at Your Plumbing

Your existing plumbing has a specific layout that may not work with every toilet you see at the store. This is a good way to narrow down your initial selections. See what your plumbing looks like and take a photo if possible so you can see which toilets will work with it. You can certainly change the plumbing if need be, but this is costly and may require a professional to do the work for you.

Figure Out Your Pan Type

In Australia, there are three toilet pan types. An S-trap has a waste pipe that connects to the floor. A P-trap’s waste pipe is connected to the wall and a skew pan extends to either side of the toilet. Skew pans are common in older homes, but the other two types are more prevalent in newer ones. When replacing your current toilet, you’ll need to be sure you get the right pan type so you can hook it up properly.

Measure Your Set Out

The set out refers to the distance from the wall to the waste outlet for an S-type and the distance from the floor to the waste outlet for a P-type pan. Set out measurements can vary, depending on the age of your home, though there are some standard measurements you can go by. Make sure you take these measurements with you when you shop so you get the right size.

Water Efficiency is Important

Chances are that you want a toilet that doesn’t suck out all the water from your home and run up your bill. A water efficient toilet will flush properly but won’t use a lot of water to do so. Many newer toilets have a good water efficiency, but it pays to research your choices a bit so you can choose the one that makes the most sense for your home.

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