If there is one room in your home that runs the risk of looking out of date quicker than the others, it is most definitely the kitchen. The speed at which innovations are made and designs are enhanced can almost be too much to keep up with for many people, but here at East Coast Cabinets it is our job to make sure that we are fully informed and on the crest of the wave!

Kitchen cabinets in Coffs Harbour are readily available in plenty of places, but we are the ones to turn to if you want the very latest in style. Without further ado, here are some of the biggest and best trends in kitchen cabinet design for 2020.

Open Shelving

The biggest trend this year is essentially to take the ‘cabinetry’ out of a cabinet! Open shelving is becoming more and more popular, especially in minimalist households where homeowners are looking for ways to keep their possessions neat and tidy. When you don’t have a cabinet door, you can’t just throw everything inside and forget about it!

Custom Colours

Gone are the days when everybody was just happy with a generic black or white for their kitchen cabinets. These days, it is all about picking a custom colour that means something to you or matches perfectly with the decor that you already have going on in your home. There are literally thousands of colours to choose from in most retailers.


There has been a significant increase in the choice of oak for kitchen cabinets in the last few months, and that is set to continue through 2020. Oak provides a much deeper and mature finish than many other woods.

Smart Tech

The world of tech is only going one way, and that’s forward! You might want to consider this when it comes to fitting out a new kitchen. Pay attention to plug outlets, and power sources where you might need to be connecting gadgets in the future.

Call the experts in custom cabinets

So, if you are looking to start from fresh with your own kitchen cabinets in Coffs Harbour, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with usOnce you find a trend that you like, we can promise you that one of our trained and experienced team members will be able to match you to a number of different options. We very much look forward to being able to bring your kitchen into the new decade!