When it comes to kitting out your kitchen, why settle for anything less than the best?
Choose a custom kitchen cabinet option and you will reap the benefits of handmade units which haven't been anywhere near an assembly line. You can see and feel the high standard of workmanship, and be rewarded for your investment with a quality cabinet which will stand the test of time.

Match your Current Style

Choose the exact combination of style, storage, materials and colour scheme to suit your personal tastes and match the interior of your property. Then there is the advantage of building to fit. Custom kitchen cabinets allow you to fill awkward spaces, work to unusual floor plans, and utilise your kitchen space more intelligently.

Types Of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Because of the flexibility afforded by custom kitchen cabinets, they really can come in all shapes and sizes.
Among the main types are base cabinets, which can offer support for countertops and valuable storage space; wall cabinets, that are sometimes the most beautifully designed, influencing both the style and functionality of your kitchen; pantry or tall cabinets, which are valued for their size and storage potential, giving you plenty of space for food and kitchen items; and drawer cabinets, that are seen as one of the most functional and sturdy options, allowing you to economies on space when necessary.

 Let's take a look in more detail at two of the most popular options - wall cabinets and drawer cabinets.

Custom Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets not only have a crowning effect on the look of your kitchen, but they also offer a stylish solution for clutter. Perfect for housing kitchen items such as dishes, drinking vessels, cooking utensils and appliances, wall cabinets allow you to keep the surfaces, shelves and drawers in your kitchen clear of items which really should have a more dedicated spot.

They will protect your dishes from dust far more effectively than shelves would. Then there is style - with custom kitchen wall cabinets the possibilities are endless in terms of the colours and materials you can use. Wall cabinets are an opportunity to put the 'cherry on the icing' of your kitchen design.

Custom Drawer Cabinets

Custom drawer cabinets are another 'clutter buster', but more discreet than wall cabinets in terms of their typical location and styling options. Drawer cabinets are cherished for their simple functionality, requiring minimal effort as they literally 'come to you'.

Drawer cabinets also come up trumps for organisation, and are simple for even younger children to operate. You might choose custom drawer cabinets which are 'soft close', putting less strain on the structure of your cabinets, and because you can see all the contents of a drawer easily, they drawer cabinets are fantastic for appliances and other kitchen tools which get used frequently.

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