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Custom Kitchen Designs & Renovations

When you need storage solutions in your home, custom kitchen cabinets are the ideal way to get exactly what you need.

Here at East Coast Cabinets & Midform, we have a wide range of cabinets for you to choose from.

However, you should have an idea of what you want before you make a purchase. Deciding what kind of storage you require can help you decide which cabinets will work best for your space. Check out these up and coming ideas:

Ceiling-High Kitchen Cabinets

Rather than wasting space on top of cabinets where dirt, dust and bugs will make a mess, why not invest in ceiling-high cabinets to help make the most of your space! Perfect for smaller spaces with high ceilings.

East Coast Cabinets & Midform can work with you to create a custom kitchen you will love!

Whether you choose ceiling high cabinets or deeper drawers offering more shelf space for crockery and other kitchen essentials. This is also a trendy choice that many modern kitchens are incorporating.

Deeper Drawers

Imagine having drawers with space for all of your utensils and other cooking essentials.

Many standard drawers are shallow and don’t give you the space you need. We can custom create deeper drawers so that you have ample room in each of them for all of your items. No more cramming them so full that they don’t open or getting the potato masher caught every time you try and close the drawer.

Instead, you can fit everything in with room to spare.

Focused Storage

Dedicating certain cabinets to specific items helps corral items that tend to get out of control and create a mess.

  • For example, a cabinet with dividers is the ideal space to store baking sheets and muffin tins.
  • Roll out trays work well for utensils like large ladles and spatulas.
  • Sectioned cabinets and drawers also make it easy to store spices, food storage containers, and other similar items.

Pull Out & Roll Out Drawers

As mentioned above, roll outs optimise space in your kitchen, but pull outs do the same.

They make use of narrow spaces that would otherwise be wasted. You can use them to store small items like seasonings, containers, or cleaning supplies.

Both pull outs and roll outs are easy to use and are a smart storage solution that you can choose with your custom cabinets.

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